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Dead End EP

Cat: SS006 /// Release: March 2016 /// Format: Vinyl/Digital

001_Dead End


003_Paris 1999 Tribute

004_Paris 1999 Tribute (Reprise)




Phronesis EP

Dronelock & Ontal are back with a new EP on their jointly run Shadow Story label this November. ‘Phronesis’ is a welcome return for Bradford duo, Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church of Dronelock alongside their Serbian production partners, Boriz Noize and Dekode aka Ontal.

This uncompromising foursome already made a superb impression this year with their second collaborative EP, ‘Parallax’ in April, followed by their debut album ‘The Topics’ in May. Now after a brief hiatus, which has seen Dronelock take their stunning new live A/V performance on the road and Ontal prepare their new album, ‘Entropia’ for Ad Noiseum, they return with four fresh cuts.

The title track has a lo-fi restraint to its opening before it punches through with a quickening heartbeat and raw, jagged edges, while the appropriately named, ‘Splitting The Difference’ delivers layer upon layer of crackling drumwork. ‘Zootoxin’ brings a stuttering soundscape to life ahead of its weighty bass, which leads into the threatening knock of final track ‘Codes’; ominous and intimidating.

Cat: SS005 /// Release: November 2015 /// Format: Vinyl/Digital


002_Splitting The Difference





The Topics EP

Cat: SS004 /// Release: 2015 /// Format: Vinyl/Digital

001_Deductive Reasoning

002_Sources of Argument

003_Attack & Defend

004_Ultimate Question




The third chapter of Shadow Story is another collaboration between its joint label owners, Dronelock and Ontal who show once again that their symbiotic relationship is a meeting of like-minds and distinctive production techniques.

The EPs opener, 'Parallax' starts with a cinematic intro before launching into its pounding groove and dark electronics before the Shadows Remix version comes crackling into play.

The title of 'Drop Forge Steel' conjures up an industrial landscape and you won't be disappointed when this tough Techno track starts throbbing with all the intensity we've come to expect from the Dronelock / Ontal partnership.

Though 'The End of Eternity' continues the pace of its predecessor, it also displays a quietness in its gentle melody to juxtapose the steely resonance.

The shimmering 'Templum' launches next, with a heavy kick and beat-led drive that carefully builds layer upon layer, gathering momentum to become a beast of a track.

'Hypothermia', with its beats pulsating like a heartbeat, closes another decisive EP from the Shadow Story camp.

Cat: SS003 /// Release: March 2015 /// Format: Vinyl/Digital


002_Parallax (Shadows Remix)

003_Drop Forge Steel

004_The End Of Eternity






The concept behind the second release demonstrates the process of existence; How dimensional space contributes to our understanding of reality. This maxim has been used to demonstrate the relationship between the macrocosm to the microcosm. These ideas influenced the likes of Newton and there is no doubt that the esoteric traditions have influenced the fields of quantum theory and other branches of physics.

The space time CONTINUUM. Where the third dimension meets the forth. A single manifold of possibility, expressing the super galactic and the subatomic.

The SUPERIOR MIRAGE of illusion. Where falsehoods masquerade as truth and the breadth of possibility stimulates the depth of perception.

The BROKEN FORMS of experience. Where form follows function, and the metaphysical shapes the physical.

The SOIL of the earth. Where the organic meets the chemical, and the natural defines the synthesised.

Cat: SS002 /// Release: November 2014 /// Format: Vinyl/Digital


002_Continuum (Paul Mac Remix)


004_Soil (Lakker Remix)

005_Superior Mirage

006_Broken Forms



Clusters (Remixes)

Clusters convey infinite possibilities. The meeting place of creation or destruction, harbouring life and light or death and darkness. The fragile, intergalactic interplay of opposites. The beginning, the end, the unknown!

Cat: SS001 /// Release: 12th May 2014 /// Format: Digital

001_Mark Broom Remix

002_Rivet Remix

003_Ontal Remix

004_Original Remix