Residing in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Dronelock is an exciting collaboration between Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church. Dronelock represents a juxtaposition of opposites. Integrating, analogue with digital, influence with originality, convention with the unexpected.

Techno provides the perfect sanctuary for their production ideas to manifest. Ambient, ethereal soundscapes meet sustained, cluster of tones. A distillation of ideas captured and expressed through the industrial and synthesized, the organic and the abstract. The tracks are produced primarily on analoge hardware with the soul intention to perform them live.

This process allows freedom to experiment with the base level interaction between sound and music, its music which is about as far away from music as you can get before it stops being music.


OntalĀ is an industrial/noise/experimental techno project consisted of Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode who are both based from Subotica, Serbia.

Formed in November 2011 and influenced by numerous music genres, their sound could be described as uncompromising, hard and intense. Focusing on the bleakest, blackest apocalyptic techno and grinding mechanoid rhythms, calm joyful rapture over the sound of burning cities and scorched wastelands.